Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog project schedule

Research Blog schedule

Your senior research project must be completed by March 26th, 2009. You will have at least 110 minutes in class every week to complete your posts, but you should come to class prepared with a post already outlined.

Posts #1-3 will fall into the following topics:

Assignment #1 Due 3.5.09

  1. KW--What you already know about the subject area and what you would like to learn

Assignment #2 Due 3.9.09

  1. Personal--Personal reflection about why you chose this particular subject

Assignment #3 Due 3.12.09

  1. Sources--Three examples of both credible and non-credible sources of information about your project.

Assignment #4 Due 3.17.09

Assignment #5 Due 3.19.09

Posts #4 & #5 can be any of the following topics.

  1. History—Significant history and background of your subject area
  2. Profile--Profile of a prominent figure in your subject area.
  3. Current Events--An informative post about a current event related to your subject area.
  4. Economics—An informative post about how an issue in economics relates to your subject area.
  5. Your choice—a significant and interesting thing about your subject area.

Assignment #6 Due 3.24.09

Post #6 will be on the following topic

  1. Reflection—What have you learned through this project?

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